A Brief Overview on Automatic Dog Feeders

A dog feeder is something that every dog owner needs but while purchasing a dog feeding machine, there are certain questions that one must ask to himself/herself. These questions include:
Is the scope of my job such that I travel a lot with my pet, or otherwise? Is my dog's age medically appropriate for an elevated automatic dog feeder ? Should I purchase a glass container or a plastic one? What kind of feeding dish is better for my pet? Etc.
While this can simply not be denied that every other person who works and is bound to leave his/her pet behind definitely needs a dog feeder, it is important to look into the product's details and various features that will suit you best. If your pet is trained enough to eat within limits even though there is an unrestricted access to its diet, you might not need an automatic dog feeder. But if otherwise, automatic dog feeders are designed in such a way that they dispense a set portion of the meal at different intervals throughout the day. This whole setup is done via a programmable timer which can be set according to your pup's eating habit. This allows your pet to eat a regulated amount of food after scheduled intervals. It prevents over-eating while you are not around to check. There are two types of dog feeding machines, one that feeds food and other that feeds water. Most dog waterer machines incorporate a carbon filter that removes all kinds of impurities and ensure that your dog is drinking bacteria free soft water.
There are two major compartments of an automatic dog feeder. The top portion is made of an inverted glass or plastic bowl that holds food, that is, the dog food dispenser. This dispenser comes in various sizes, so you can purchase according to your dog's daily intake.The other portion is the dog food holder, i.e. the dish into which the machine dispenses food. These dishes come in a variety of materials, like plastic and ceramics. However, stainless steel dishes are much safer on account of many reasons. Stainless bowls lower the possibility of dermatitis, which is very likely if your pet is exposed to plastic. The pore-free structure of stainless bowls also prevents harmful bacteria to settle on the bowl. They are easy to wash and last long as well.
Elevated dog feeders are recommended by a lot of veterinarians because they provide a comfortable position for dogs to eat. It is also recommended for if your pet is old, because, at later ages, dogs develop back problem and arthritis.